Absolute Terrain Combiner helps you create and customize multiple terrain grid while keeping control on performances and optimization.. 
This tool helps creating a Heightmap and Terrain grid and blend elements only from a Heightmap texture and a color texture as input. 

Step1: setup the terrain grid (rows, columns, heightmap resolution), input an initial heightmap (PNG or 16bits RAW) and the tool will first help you to create a grid of heightmap at the adequate size. 

Step2: setup the terrain full size (Length, Width, Height) and the tool will then build the terrain grid from your height map, and will apply your color texture, eventually your normal map texture and will use the material you wish. 

Step3 (not included): optimize your scene as you wish with your own scripts to display the part of the terrain you wish and keep control on performances of your scene. 

A “Mars Gale Crater” scene is included with a 16bits RAW heightmap, a PNG heightmap, a color texture and normal map texture to demonstrate the process.

It it available now on Unity Asset store:


Glaz Underwater FX Asset for Unity 3D

Glaz Underwater FX is a Unity 3D asset from Ideoservo Games that contains a collection of underwater effects used to create Glaz Underwater VR and the Glaz Underwater level of Absolute VR Experience : Caustic FX, Vortex/Wave deformation, Scuba mask, underwater ambiance sound…

3D models used for the game are not included.

It it available now on Unity Asset store:


Absolute Mesh combiner V1.3

Absolute Mesh Combiner V1.3 is now available on Unity Asset Store

Bug fixes:

  • Clear button not deleting the COMBINED_TEXTURE.jpg
  • COMBINED_TEXTURE not associated to material albedo on Unity 2019.x and higher

New features:

  • Compatibility with Unity 2019.3.x, 2019.2.x and 2018.4.x
  • EasyTextureSizeLimiter : tool which recursively limits texture size for memory saving
  • AbsoluteMeshCombiner and EasyTextureSizeLimiter can now be called from “Window/Ideoservo Games” menu
  • Erase Assets In Output Materials Directory button: removes all assets contained in “Output Materials Directory” target directory (use it at your own risks)

Absolute VR Experiences


Absolute VR Experiences is the remastered edition of 2015’s VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift game.
After having being ported on several plateforms (iOS, Android, Idealens K2 and Pico VR Goblin headsets) the game is back on PC/Windows.
Now, it is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1 and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and controllers and soon available on Steam.

Immerse yourself into 30 various virtual reality worlds and explore each one into a unique ambiance to find all the hidden chalices.

Download it on Steam: 

Absolute Mesh Combiner asset for Unity3D

Absolute Mesh Combiner is a Unity 3D asset from Ideoservo Games that optimizes your 3D models to reduce the draw calls of your scene. It is easy to use as you only have to drag and drop a script and press the Optimize button to process.

It does the following steps:
– Create unique materials
– Create a texture atlas and update texture UV
– Merge game objects geometry (meshes and sub meshes) of the hierarchy in a single object
– Decimate the final mesh
– Save created assets to your Assets folder (Prefab, mesh, materials and textures)

Download it from Unity Assets Store