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Absolute VR Experiences


Absolute VR Experiences is the remastered edition of 2015’s VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift game.
After having being ported on several plateforms (iOS, Android, Idealens K2 and Pico VR Goblin headsets) the game is back on PC/Windows.
Now, it is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1 and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and controllers and soon available on Steam.

Immerse yourself into 30 various virtual reality worlds and explore each one into a unique ambiance to find all the hidden chalices.

Download it on Steam: 

VR news – Resolving a few issues with new Oculus drivers V0.7.0.0-BETA

We are having a few issues with the latest Oculus drivers (V0.7.0.0-BETA).

Current available VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift and our Quantic Rift demo are not working any more with new driver and V0.6 driver version is required.

We won’t thank Oculus for this non-backward-compatible change and we won’t thank them also for not upgrading MacOSX version of Oculus drivers (still in V0.5) as source are now diverging between OS X and Windows versions.

The new thing is that only one camera needs to be defined into our scene to have VR stuff which breaks all that was done before.

So we had to make several changes inside our code to make it work and a new version of VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift is almost ready and will be available very soon.
But good news: performances are a lot increased !

The Quantic Rift demo is a bit more broken because of it’s integration with UFPS engine, but as it is currently ported to the Unreal Engine 4 that’s not a big problem.

Note that if you have a NVIDIA graphic card, with the new Oculus drivers version under Windows 10 it is required to use the latest (beta) drivers from NVIDIA as recommended by Oculus (check Oculus page for details).

Oculus PC SDK 0.7 Compatibility Changes:

Windows 10 Compatibility w/ Oculus Rift DK2 – PLEASE READ

Unity vs Unreal: Quantic Rift 3D engine selection


SebL ported a subset of Quantic Rift’s first scene to Unreal 3D engine and the visual result is really quite impressive and the first performances results are quite good, even in VR.

So we are now trying to create the same scene as the one we made under Unity but with Unreal engine to be able to select the best engine for our full FPS game.

That means not even porting all 3D scene but also porting all C# scripts that we have already achieve or integrated to blueprints or C++ code (FPS engine, lift animation, characters animation, destruction of objects, VR cam management…).

This is really not an easy task and we don’t really know, how long it will take as we are more used to Unity Engine but we want to know what we can get with that engine before creating the full game.

Rafale Attacks: Shoot Them Up


Game Concept : Rafale Attacks is a classic 2D Shoot Them Up game where you play a modern fighter aircraft and you try to shoot down hordes of enemies. The game is currently running on PC/Windows and Mac OS X. It is free to play.

At the moment only the Rafale is available for the player with only a machine gun for weapon.

Future upgrades :

  • Highscores
  • Multiple weapons (rockets, bombs)
  • Ground targets
  • Bonuses (score, weapon upgrades, special abilities such as invincibility)
  • Bosses
  • New levels
  • Additional aircrafts for the player
  • Co-operative local multiplaying


You can download for free, the current version of Rafale Attacks below.

Licence: this software is free of charge and can be installed / copied or distributed at your convenience until it remains free and unaltered.

win8 RafaleAttacks-