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VR Experiences crowdfunding news

Because of release dates and funding concerns, we have decided to split “VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift” and “Quantic Rift” into two different games:
VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift is an exploration game which uses the same 3D environments of the mobile version (plus a few extra). It will be soon available into a demo and a paid version.
Quantic Rift: is an adventure/First Person Shooter game which uses original 3D environments designed by SebL and will follow the original “VR Experiences” crowdfunding planning but with less 3D environments.

Arthurian legends characters sketches [updated]

First sketches of characters for a game on the theme of Arthurian legends. All the characters have been designed with Mixamo Fuse.

Main characters:

600px-Blason_imaginaire_Arthur.svgArthur Pendragon             Guenievre

Arthur2 Guenievre

Merlin                                                    Morgane

Merlin Morgane2



Round table knights:

Blason_imaginaire_d'Agricor_le_Beau_Géant.svg Agricor                                      Blason_imaginaire_Bohort.svg Bohort

Agricor Bohort

600px-Blason_Galaad.svg Galaad                                      Blason_imaginaire_de_Gauvain.svg Gauvain

Galaad  Bohort

Blason_Hector_des_mares.svg Hector                                       600px-Blason_Keu_table_ronde.svg Keu

Hector Keu


600px-Blason_Lancelot.svg Lancelot                                    600px-Blason_Mordret.svg Mordred

Lancelot Mordred2 

Blason_Palamède.svg  Palamede                              600px-Blason_Perceval.svg Perceval

Palamede Perceval


Blason_imaginaire_de_Tristan.svg Tristan                                   600px-Blason_Urien.svg Yvain

Tristan Yvain