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[CANCELED] Videos and articles about VR Flight Simulator for PSVR Kickstarter campaign

Several videos and articles about VR Flight Simulator for PlayStation 4 PSVR are available over the web:

In English:
Ideoservo Games launches a Kickstarter campaign for VR Flight Simulator by VR Reviewz (September 11th 2017)

Join The Justice League in VR | PSVR Questions Answered | New PlayStation VR Games for This Week by youtube PSVRFrank at 6 min 52secs (September 11th 2017)

PlayStation VR: VR Flight Simulator, Vive la France sur PSVR – Google-translated article, by Cyril Thevenot from (September 16th 2017)

In French:
PlayStation VR: VR Flight Simulator, Vive la France sur PSVR by Cyril Thevenot from (September 16th 2017)

[CANCELED] VR Flight Simulator for PlayStation 4 PSVR – Kickstarter


The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to create a PlayStation 4 PSVR version of the “VR Flight Simulator” game which was first designed for mobile devices and low-cost headsets.

Pledgers will receive the PS4 digital version of the game or the Android or iOS version. They will also have the chance to obtain exclusive rewards, such as playing with Alpha or Beta versions of the game, being mentioned in the credits (name and photo), selecting the landscape locations of additional levels or having their logo shown when launching the game.

Click here to go the VR Flight Simulator for PlayStation 4 PSVR Kickstarter campaign


Agon: Board game concept


Game Concept

Agon is a strategy board game for two players. It is played on a 6×6 hexagonal gameboard.

It will be running on PC/Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Later, a version will be adapted for IOS and Android.

It is the oldest board game played on a hexagonally-celled board, and first appeared in France around the 13th century. The game reached its greatest popularity a century later when the Victorians embraced it for its blend of simple rules and complex strategy.


Rules (source Wikipedia) :

Each player has one queen and six guards. Players determine who moves first, then turns alternate. On each turn, a player moves one of his pieces. The object of the game is to be first to maneuver one’s queen to the central hex (the throne) at the center of the board, and surround her with all six of her guards.


The gameboard may be thought of as a series of concentric rings of hex cells (highlighted by rings of alternating colors). Pieces move one step at a time to an adjacent cell, either sideways in the same ring, or towards the throne to the next ring. The cell moved to must be vacant. Only the queen may move to the throne.


A piece is captured when two enemy pieces are on adjacent sides of it, in a straight line. The player whose piece is captured must use his next turn to relocate the captured piece:

  • If the captured piece is a guard, the owner must move it to any vacant cell of his choosing on the outer board ring.
  • If the captured piece is a queen, the owner must move it to any vacant cell on the board.

If more than one piece is captured in a turn, the player whose pieces were captured must move them one turn at a time. If one of the pieces captured was the queen, it must be moved first. If more than one guard was captured, they can be moved in any order.


Additional rules

  • If a player surrounds an empty throne with his guards, then neither player will be able to form the winning configuration, and that player forfeits the game.
  • It is not allowed to move a piece between and adjacent to two enemy pieces, in a straight line.
  • If a player touches one of his pieces he must move that piece, or forfeit his turn.



The game starts with only queens, in opposite corners of the board. Players place their guards, one per turn, on any vacant board cells (except the throne). After all twelve guards have been placed, the game proceeds under normal rules.

Rafale Attacks: Shoot Them Up


Game Concept : Rafale Attacks is a classic 2D Shoot Them Up game where you play a modern fighter aircraft and you try to shoot down hordes of enemies. The game is currently running on PC/Windows and Mac OS X. It is free to play.

At the moment only the Rafale is available for the player with only a machine gun for weapon.

Future upgrades :

  • Highscores
  • Multiple weapons (rockets, bombs)
  • Ground targets
  • Bonuses (score, weapon upgrades, special abilities such as invincibility)
  • Bosses
  • New levels
  • Additional aircrafts for the player
  • Co-operative local multiplaying


You can download for free, the current version of Rafale Attacks below.

Licence: this software is free of charge and can be installed / copied or distributed at your convenience until it remains free and unaltered.

win8 RafaleAttacks-