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VR Flight Simulator K2

VR Flight Simulator is  a game where you can fly above several beautiful landscapes  in virtual reality:

  • Alps and Mt Blanc (France)
  • Guadeloupe (French Caraïbean)
  • Kilimandjaro (Kenya)
  • Perito Moreno (Argentina)
  • Grand Canyon (USA)
  • Mt Cook mountains (New Zealand)
  • Ha Long bay (Vietnam)
  • Tahiti (French Pacific Island)

A version for the IDEALENS K2 VR can be downloaded here:


A version for Android and iOS shall come next in 2017.

VR Flight Simulator / Alps airfield
VR Flight Simulator / Cockpit
VR Flight Simulator / Guadeloupe / (French Caraïbean)
VR Flight Simulator / Kilimandjaro (Kenya)
VR Flight Simulator / Perito Moreno (Argentina)
VR Flight Simulator / Grand Canyon airfield (USA)
VR Flight Simulator / Grand Canyon USA
VR Flight Simulator / Grand Canyon (USA)
VR Flight Simulator / Mt Cook (New Zealand)
VR Flight Simulator / Mt Cook (New Zealand)
VR Flight Simulator / Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
VR Flight Simulator / Tahiti
VR Flight Simulator / Tahiti

Arthurian legends characters sketches [updated]

First sketches of characters for a game on the theme of Arthurian legends. All the characters have been designed with Mixamo Fuse.

Main characters:

600px-Blason_imaginaire_Arthur.svgArthur Pendragon             Guenievre

Arthur2 Guenievre

Merlin                                                    Morgane

Merlin Morgane2



Round table knights:

Blason_imaginaire_d'Agricor_le_Beau_Géant.svg Agricor                                      Blason_imaginaire_Bohort.svg Bohort

Agricor Bohort

600px-Blason_Galaad.svg Galaad                                      Blason_imaginaire_de_Gauvain.svg Gauvain

Galaad  Bohort

Blason_Hector_des_mares.svg Hector                                       600px-Blason_Keu_table_ronde.svg Keu

Hector Keu


600px-Blason_Lancelot.svg Lancelot                                    600px-Blason_Mordret.svg Mordred

Lancelot Mordred2 

Blason_Palamède.svg  Palamede                              600px-Blason_Perceval.svg Perceval

Palamede Perceval


Blason_imaginaire_de_Tristan.svg Tristan                                   600px-Blason_Urien.svg Yvain

Tristan Yvain 

Rafale Attacks: Shoot Them Up


Game Concept : Rafale Attacks is a classic 2D Shoot Them Up game where you play a modern fighter aircraft and you try to shoot down hordes of enemies. The game is currently running on PC/Windows and Mac OS X. It is free to play.

At the moment only the Rafale is available for the player with only a machine gun for weapon.

Future upgrades :

  • Highscores
  • Multiple weapons (rockets, bombs)
  • Ground targets
  • Bonuses (score, weapon upgrades, special abilities such as invincibility)
  • Bosses
  • New levels
  • Additional aircrafts for the player
  • Co-operative local multiplaying


You can download for free, the current version of Rafale Attacks below.

Licence: this software is free of charge and can be installed / copied or distributed at your convenience until it remains free and unaltered.

win8 RafaleAttacks-