VR Experience (2018) / VR Experience 2021

VR Experience is a game where you can explore several beautiful and various levels in virtual reality.

VR Experience (2018)

The 2018 version runs on Pico VR Goblin G1. It is no more available for download.

VR Experience (2018) contains 18 landscapes:

-Space ship
-Earth Center
-Ice land
-Steam City
-Old mine
-Deep Space
-Alien Village Attack

VR Experience 2021

VR Experience 2021 is the new edition of VR Experience (2018).

It is available directly from your headset Pico Goblin G1, G2 and Neo series from Pico Interactive digital store.

It can also be bought fromĀ Ideoservo.com Digital Store.

This new edition contains all VR Experience 18 landscapes plus 6 additional ones and also a new Space level (24 levels):

-Manor Exterior
-Manor Interior
-Ghost town
-Tropical Island