Glaz Underwater VR 2018 / Glaz Underwater VR 2021

Glaz is the briton name of the chromatic blue-green color of the ocean. Dive into an underwater relaxing and immersive VR experience. Explore several ship wrecks, find treasures, watch the sea life and listen the whales song…

Glaz Underwater VR (2018)

Glaz Underwater is exclusively available directly from your headset Goblin G1 from Pico Interactive digital store.

Glaz Underwater VR 2021

Glaz Underwater VR 2021 is the new edition of Glaz Underwater VR (2018).

At the moment it only can be bought fromĀ Digital Store.

This new edition contains the following updates 

  • Titanic wreck
  • More life : shark, crab, octopuss
  • Best background / fog tuning
  • Pico Goblin G1 and G2 support