Color Match VR (2018) / Color Match VR 2021

Color Match VR  is a game of recognition of colors and shapes.

The 2018 version runs on Pico VR Goblin G1. It is no more available for download.

The 2021 version runs on Pico VR Goblin G1, G2 and Neo and is available on Pico Interactive store.

It can also be bought from Digital Store.

It is aimed at a wide audience of 4-120 years.
Under its relatively simplistic aspect, this game stimulates several different intellectual functions: recognition of primary colors and simple geometric shapes, reversed spatial memory, analysis, speed decision making but also with risk assessment (mistakes are losing points).

The game consists of 10 levels with increasing difficulty and distributed as follows:
Levels 1 and 2: selection of the same object (color and shape)
Levels 3 and 4: Select the object with the same shape (objects of the same color)
Levels 5 and 6: selecting the same object (same shape and color) or a different object (different color and different shape)
Levels 7 and 8: Selecting an object of the same color but sometimes hidden by a black cylinder
Levels 9 and 10: Selecting an object of the same color but

Several languages are available depending on your system configuration:
-English (default language)