VR Racing


VR Racing is a game for iOS and Android.

Note: the game is currently no more available on Google and Apple stores. However you can purchase Android version on Ideoservo.com Digital Store.

Immerse yourself into a virtual reality racing car thanks to your phone combined with a Google Cardboard kit or just drive as a classical racing game by pressing the screen to accelerate or brake or tilt left or right to turn.

Get on the grid and sate your need for speed against the clock for a virtual real racing.

Tilt your head forward or backward to increase or reduce your speed and left or right to turn your car into the tracks curve.

Three tracks are available (only one in free version):

  • Italy (Monza)
  • Belgium (Spa)
  • France (LeMans/Bugatti)




For Virtual Reality mode, you can build a Google Cardboard VR headset yourself or buy one on a dedicated website.
Learn more about Google Cardboard and building your own virtual reality glasses at g.co/cardboard.

VR Racing is also compatible with premium VR smartphone headsets such as Homido or Durovis Dive VR.
Note that the game also works on iPad but needs a dedicated VR headset.

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