Quantic Rift

Short description

Quantic Rift is an adventure/First Person Shooter game, where the player is completely immersed in the game and the atmosphere through virtual reality. It was originally developed for PC/Oculus Rift DK2. A Non-VR build can be downloaded and played for free.


The player controls a scientist who is working for a high tech company developing a device for time travelling.
After a laboratory incident a rift is opened to another time space and Aliens arrive in the lab and destroy everything.
The player will manage to escape by using the travel device in space-time. But the device is still at a prototype stage and it will be difficult to master it at first.
The goal is then to save the world from aliens hordes and to recover the initial space time.

With this theme of time travel, the player can be immersed in very different worlds and ambiances.
This should let us to restore the unique sensations that virtual reality permits (visual amazement, surprise, sensation of flying …).

Technical information

Quantic Rift is designed for PC/Windows a,d built upon Unreal Engine (sketch version was designed using Unity 5 engine).

Developement team

Lead/Code/Storyboard: G.Charra

3D Gfx/Anim: SebL

Old sketch version demo (Unity 5 Engine)


New version snapshots with Unreal 3D Engine

Download this version for free in the digital store: https://ideoservo.com/product/quantic-rift-pc-windows 


snap14 snap13 snap12 snap11 snap10 snap9 snap8 snap7 snap6 snap5 snap4 snap3 snap2