Ideoservo Games live on PicoVR store

You can now buy several Ideoservo Games from the PicoVR shop (or directly only with your PicoVR Goblin headset)

VR Experience ($3.99) :

VR Flight Simulator ($3.49):

Color Match VR ($1.49):

Glaz Underwater ($1.49) :

Glaz Underwater FX Asset for Unity 3D

Glaz Underwater FX is a Unity 3D asset from Ideoservo Games that contains a collection of underwater effects used to create Glaz Underwater VR and the Glaz Underwater level of Absolute VR Experience : Caustic FX, Vortex/Wave deformation, Scuba mask, underwater ambiance sound…

3D models used for the game are not included.

It should be soon on Unity Asset store.